Saturday, 17 March 2012

Latest outings this week

This is me trying to hold my note in a descant with a nice nun with hairy arms (aka Sister Mary Macarthur at her chat show) 

This finds me a touch concerned that fellow guest witty Wincey Willis is mistaking her microphone for a rabbit. Paul Phear from Magic Radio is trying to cover. What a nice man.
The same day of this gig - I had a team of specialists round to do a piece for Mail On Sunday this week - on the theme of ‘dysfunctional mother and daughter’. I was thrilled to be selected! Not only did we get a free make-over from a lovely make up man but we met a bright young journalist. She was more than able to tease out the dysfunctional past of our scary food eating and weird relationship. Hannah and I have stoically developed over our years as a singularly aspiring dysfunctional family unit. Heaven!

We made a cake for Les, the cameraman, and the journalist, Holly, bravely bit in to a half cooked batter with mushy strawberry. Game gal. The photos for tomorrow’s article won’t show they had loose fermenting batter within, will they?