Friday, 30 November 2012

The Red Carpet

Helen stands on a red carpet! causing one to 'act up' with what my headmistress called 'silly behaviour' if there had been no red carpet I might have just shared about the #Leveson inquiry -but as it was, I found an overexcited twirl with the lovely spirit of Richard Arnold to be more immediate.

If you missed Daybreak yesterday you get another chance! Here's the link (I'm on just before 8!):

Will tell all soon (maybe) x

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

We Are Most Amused: The Prince's Trust

The thing about working with all the comedy national treasures is that one can feel a bit sick the day before. And so this is a photo of me and some other comedy giants on the big dipper in Thorpe Park when I wasn’t feeling sick...
We were filming Happy Families written by Ben Elton, Dawn French,
Hugh Laurie, Jennifer Saunders and moi 

Ben Elton is now directing and writing sketches for this gig …  I will be the only participant without my own TV series and while that is a distinguishing fact, I also used to run my own bespoke travel agency called Helen Travel (aged 10) which is another.

 Mission statement for the week? Keep boundaries firm and try not to annoy people.

We Are Most Amused, Wednesday 28th November, Royal Albert Hall, 7.15pm start
For Tickets: