Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Absolutely Fabulous is back!

Christmas Day at 22.00 on BBC1 there's the first of the new episodes of Absolutely Fabulous to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The second episode is at 21.40 on New Year's Day. Absolutely worth watching! I know coz I was there...

And here's my inner Welsh side waiting to be unleashed....

Merry Christmas!

Join me for a virtual Welsh Christmas blow-out with my Welsh besties.  I loves them. I expect you might too.

Must watch Cariad@iaith Christmas Special on Christmas Eve and on Boxing Day

The only thing is you have to watch it on Sky 134  or  Freesat 120. I'm sure you'll rally.

Wishing you and me a prosperous and pithy  New Year!


Helen x

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Star studded week – watch the vodka

The first excitement was going to open Stella McCartney’s shop

Actually I didn’t have to open it – the shop was already open – but Jennifer Saunders switched on the lights in a very witty way

big and bold expression trying to make up for dressing down

Huge Corinthian columns of vodka floated by – I made it my job to capture them lest they escape and get into the wrong hands like Richard E Grant for one –who I forced to acknowledge me.  Poor man: there was a lot of acknowledging –and it can be overwhelming unless you’re someone like me, who is quite persistent.

Paul McCartney (member of The Beatles and father of shop owner ) came over to me – yes he came over - with lovely new wife and remembered a gag I’d told once about Tippex on the sheet - I can’t remember, can you? Must have been on Naked Video

We then explained the Tippex and the sex and the sheet bits (quite a few times) to the lovely American wife who was extremely kind. I also love Stella’s bags (faux leather with zip bits on)

Next stop BAFTA for screening of AB FAB

By now I cannot stand up or focus on speech - due to the Corinthian vodka quantity consumed - our mission was to arrive early and drink the place dry which we more than accomplished. Pity I didn’t get a cab into my bedroom then and there and cut out on a high.
looking quizical at camera while waiting for a refill

I get to Bafta. More free glasses of alcohol. I say something to a star. I can’t quite remember what - but I get roundly told off. I cry (nearly) but the episodes of AB FAB are excellent (which I manage to view through my hurt tears)

Next day a lunch party – ‘what’s on stage awards’
I arrive subdued and quiet. I bump into Ruby Wax. She asks me what I’m doing there. I reply ‘not having vodka’ – but I do get invited over to a booth with my pal Kimberley Walsh who I adore-
Photo:JAB Promotions
– Kimberley to win – we did ‘Horrid Henry’ and she is rum. Mercifully no tears on this occasion.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Horrid Henry - The Movie - out today on dvd

Get the dvd if you dare

It wasn’t quite the normal première… certainly boasted a  red carpet with a generous clutch of paparazzi – but once we were inside – darling where was the fizz?

I had to ask – ‘Where is the fizz?’

A harassed PR lady from Freud’s saw the urgency and ushered me to the drink table – bottles of fizz (fizzy pop that is) and mountains of pop corn.

I dived in and sipped of my junior fizz –before watching the film of Horrid Henry  - which is now on DVD! A great Xmas gift for discerning young people – I play Rich Aunt Ruby – even greater gifts for those who like beehive hair do’s and very pink clothes.

Stars appear every second as the story unfurls and there’s only one correction to the title - Henry is not horrid – he’s adorable …

Here we are at the première...