Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The St James Theatre asked me back to do two more nights on November 7th and November 28th.

Naturally I was flattered, so I said ‘yes’ but not having the personnel of most modern comedians – (agent, manager, carer, driver and product provider) I’ve been drawn to crowd funding. If it works, I might be asking you to crowd fund me a modest flat in Byranston Square as well - but for now it’s just for the show thanks
I’ve got wonderful Suzanne Moore and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown on 7th Nov. Beyond excited.

I was sent a ‘mind map’ to explain the crowd funding ethos which triggered a dizzy spell. Before saying ‘yes’ to this excitement I resumed my role as Miss Bowline-Hitch for CBeebies with Bernard Cribbins playing the man.

Also played a cameo (more than five lines, less than 5000) on a trendy film called ‘Chicken’ directed by Joe Stephenson
Talented actor, Scott Chambers, being bloodied up

And another cameo in Channel 4’s Hollyoaks which is out Monday Oct 21. It’s a very controversial storyline so simply mustn’t speak of it. I can share this pic though but don’t show it to anyone in case I get sent to Coventry for boasting

With lovely Alex Fletcher
Been having subsidence, so builders were in banging a lot – they found my testosterone gel in the fridge (it goes off once you’ve opened it) – Thankfully didn’t squeeze it over their lunch baps.