Friday, 28 October 2011

Error, Error

With Meera Syal in The Killing of Sister George. Photo:Donald Cooper

Whoops got asked to share my mistakes – where to start?
My most recent one apart from the superbly penned article above was last night.

I had been invited by Tim McArthur to go to the Jermyn Street Theatre where he is a nun to be interviewed and - I assume - manage to appear coherent in an engaging manner.

This would be after I finished the second show at The Arts Theatre (matinees on thur) – instead I downed some tumblers (four) of The Arts Theatre's house white with some other kind looking faces (also holding tumblers) and got wasted... Managed to text an apology to Tim – looked at the sent text today and it was just a jumble of letters - no words… am not proud of my irresponsible behaviour but I accept we all make mistakes and I’m moving on.  Just hope he is …

Here is a pic of me I call ‘Naked with bra straps, a duvet and pants’ taken by a very famous man Andrea Vecchiato. All for good cause - a charity calendar.

Off to film in Wales next week. The requirements are walking boots and a rainproof... am a little alarmed. Will have to borrow some ‘glamping Glastonbury poncho wear’ now

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

I bagsied the window seat - besty sulking!

I'm on celebrity coach trip just for this week. Omgd – I do a double act with new besty SANDRA DICKINSON. Have not seen any of it yet cos don't know how to set the vhs – but mostly I'm quite scared to see full on reality TV with possible mouth open shots of me eating and generally looking perplexed at other people.

Am not good on reality shows- I'm too open... (And I don’t mean that in rude way) just incompetence when it comes to doing strategies for voting off. I usually tell the person I’m going to vote them off first to be helpful. They are not always nice after that .

No it's not me talking to accountant, it's me acting...
Still performing in the play The Killing of Sister George.

I saw a small mouse scuttling away down the corridor.  I didn’t scream - just to be perverse - but told the rest of the cast about the sighting , adding that it was lucky to see a mouse on the tenth performance - theatre is steeped in tradition so got away with it.

Drinking four glasses of house white every night now – don’t know which house but it’s a pretty big one –a positive mansion of alcoholic units and calorific layers on the trunk.

Please come to play...Not begging but it finishes 29th October. I’ll be in the bar -

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Omigod omigod omigod

not my best side!
Finally get to do some publicity re the play Killing of Sister George –last minute request at theatre last night to come in to BBC Breakfast TV and talk about the play and being in the new Ab Fab.

Jane Horrocks came to see the play and I had a late night. Due to phobia can’t know who is in so would have been churlish to just go home since she took the trouble to sit and watch.

I arrived at the BBC building crack of dawn but not as early as the rest- had sensationally amusing chat with make up person and the nice sports man who won strictly come dancing two years ago and then suddenly found myself on the red sofa with Lovely Bill and Gorgeous Sian and I felt so cosy and relaxed I just wanted to sit there and curl up for a comfy snooze and maybe tops - a general exchange of cosy tittle tattle. I sensed that wasn’t quite right, but by then my brain had gone blank and I committed THE SIN – which is not mentioning my fellow actresses’ names Meera Syal, Belinda Lang and Liz Cadwallader (all of them are superb)

OMIGOD I am soo ashamed. Couldn’t focus about why I was there at all – nor could I remember data about the very interesting play I’m in written by Frank Marcus.

I have two shows to do today!!

And a man on twitter called the interview with me ‘car crash TV’ Nice.

One good thing… My pal Belinda Lang said ‘chimed’ on the Mathew Wright show cos I told her to. Beginning to feel empowered. But only slightly.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Yesterday On the Radio

Had to drive through two important protests (one being re nhs cuts-) yesterday to get to Broadcasting House to do BBC London with Jeni Barnett - talked about death, cup size and dancing on pole (her gag) do listen if you are having a tea break

Here's the link on iPlayer:
Well I have opened – no – not my own body which hopefully remains closed – I have opened in the play – ‘The Killing of Sister George’ at the Arts Theatre

Opening in this play meant that a red carpet appeared from nowhere and for one night was placed in the foyer for people to step on as they entered (it was removed for leaving)

I might have one in my own hall for everyday – so lush is the feeling
Opening Night!

Interesting that visits to the lavatory go hand in hand with opening nights and also following nights - So best not have a carton of veggie soup from Prêt a Manger as a sensible comfort food idea – I have since learned. Veg soup and nerves do not a picnic make.

Brought matches to put in the shared dressing room Loo for digestive times like these – the matches were a birthday present – a big box which says ‘ keep calm’ . (Fat chance.) I also send my flat mate Belinda Lang out for such times. She is not only a brilliant actress – but most accommodating about my need for a private moment.

I will not read any reviews in case there is meanness about me as there often is
– I might direct their complaint to the director and say he made me do it in a funny accent - or I may not since I’d quiet like to work with him again. (He directed ‘Broken Glass’ which got 5 stars )

Bought an upholstered bra specially for doing the play – which inspired a back stage exchange between us actresses of a certain age revealing one of us who is now a double G… odd that the alphabet and bra size seem so incongruous… but the older you get the more you double your letters – pity we don't double our money -but hey – who said art was fiscally rewarding …?

So off to tonight’s performance - must line my stomach with greaseproof paper this time.