Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Hush...I'm not supposed to say

My other new best friend Sandra Dickinson who I was paired up with for ‘Celebrity Coach Trip’ just sent me some libido pills from the states – either they’re not working or one is not enough …(felt like I was a slipping down a Viagra) give it time – must remember to take them regularly along with the ones for joints (bones not hashish kind) ginseng for the brain and the ones for hair skin and nails – pointless really since I have to have acrylics – am a compulsive nail biter – most attractive.

We were sworn to secrecy not to say publicly anything about Michael Barrymore being on ‘Celebrity Coach Trip’ and falling over – until it transmits in the autumn but it seems everyone knows he did that – he’s the Ryan Giggs of Channel Four…

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Meet the Writers

Went to a ‘meet the writer’ event at the St Stephens Club. I was the one without a book currently in print so I took along my two old ones reclaimed from Amazon – to put on my display table…

I asked for peanuts... a bold step but one to establish status and position. Then my hosting OCDC took over… I started introducing people. I can’t bear a room full of folk at the beginning of an evening where bonhomie has not been established. I could be hired commercially for that first breaking the ice moment.

I went round and befriended the other writers. A man who had written a book about lions, an Indian who had found his spiritual backbone behind commerce and had written a self-helper (mm) and my new best friend Paul Burston who’d written the ‘gay divorcée’ which is apparently Jane Austin but male – must read.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Casualty Cameo

Have just watched The One Show. Made to feel outcast and loser while ironing pillowcases to take my mind off a script for three weeks time. How am I going to learn it in that time? It took me three days to learn three teeny sections of dialogue for Horrid Henry and that was with so-called assistance of a slow and annoyingly quiet helper (male).

The reason for my sense of alienation? Caroline Quentin not only stars in some fresh comedy with an actress who naturally is also brilliant -as she tells us - but she’s doing a house program too. She does houses up for fun…

I can’t even put up a shelf. I’m finished! Let’s hope I’m the cause of someone else’s alienation. Should I ask agent to look out for panto? Don’t think she does panto. Will ask tomorrow while reminder her in passing to send out a memo alert that I’m in Casualty this Saturday.