Friday, 5 April 2013

Slightly heightened time so must share.

Writing the new WTF? show and asking followers to contribute their view as to what is the point of life - so I can reflect a true barometer of passion. Followers have been generous with revelations about what is meaningful - so far the majority have cited their children and husband so while I try not to look too surprised at this laudable display of meaning, I’m keeping back my own passion – cushions - for the show.  Sorry so very sorry.

Scoured the TV version of Comic Relief does the Great British Banquet and for a nano second caught this smiley chubbed-up face on camera – eating and not talking with mouth full which was perhaps
for the best

In a fleeting pic at the Comic Relief Great British Banquet

And now to the most exciting reveal: MY SWIM WEAR RANGE (I KNOW!)  For those who wish to hide the tum tum and nether area with lace trim and discreet netting I AM YOUR WOMAN

Here is an exciting preview –I actually felt the burn when my silver, and lace and ELASTIC all came together in one glorious hugga-body-cossie You saw it here - from a woman who truly knows what it’s like to have a camera up her Jacksie on a diving board. I said to the camera man, ‘I don’t want any beaver shot!”  He replied, ‘None will be.’

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Why The Fuss?

stop press

'A miracle of comic compression and control' - Tony Patrick,  The Times

UK Favourite, HELEN LEDERER, is to return to the London stage to host two new shows called

 on May 9th and 6th June at the St James Theatre, 12 Palace Street, London, SW1E 5JA.

 In these new shows, Helen is determined to tease out the meaning of life with the help of an eminent guest and the undoubted intelligence of the audience.

She asks: What is happiness? Is there a point? What’s better, laughter or sex, and does anyone use side-plates anymore?

In an ideal world, such noteworthy heavyweights as Mary Beard, Jeremy Clarkson, Kevin McCloud, Chris Evans, Gareth Malone or Gok Wan will be joining her on stage. And if not. Helen promises to offer up someone else famous. Either way WTF? promises to be a pleasurable journey and one that Darwin would be sad to miss.


12 Palace Street, London, SW1E 5JA

 The theatre is a 5 minute walk from Victoria tube station.
 T. 0844 264 2140   E.


To book Helen’s show on either Thursday May 9th or Thursday June 6th go to: