Sunday, 30 September 2012

Windy in Whitby

I have been filming a TV series with Bernard Cribbins. I find walking, talking and riding a tricycle tricky enough - but remembering lines at the same time has slightly tipped me. Or maybe it was having to ride my adult trike down a ravine in the rain and say ‘busy busy’ in a cheery voice and try not to think about losing my life as I flew off into the sea. How do they do it on ‘Call the Midwife’?

One poignant memory is of Bernard and me sheltering in the rain... waiting for the raincoats to be cruelly whipped off before we did some acting. We were so blue our teeth were clicking

Bernard is not wearing wig.  I am.
The props were excellent. I nearly found myself eating a rubber fish it was so life like …

Me n the rather lovely Paul Hawkyard being actors quite near some water.
Very essential to keep energy high as it was also my birthday while I was away and there was a reasonable expectation for me to drink vodka. I couldn’t disappoint.  I double dosed on my Youth pill which is a food supplement and brilliant. I saw Dinny Hall had spoken about it in a newspaper and since she does nice ear rings and said the Youth pills gave her more of everything - I decided to have some of what she was having . It certainly does that. The make up girl said I had more hair than most people (on my head) and she should know – she had to plait a strange plait into my hair every morning at 6 am. But she was stoic about it. I credit this hirsuteness to Youth and have vowed to book in to their Medi Spa in Notting Hill 8-9 Lambton Place, Notting Hill, London, W11 2SH T 020 7221 2248 to have what they call pampering but in a medi spa sort of way.  The L-Argonne gives the peppy energy and since this was invented by a Doctor who is also a hormone specialist .. who am I to jettison at this heightened time?

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Missing you missing me possibly

Haven’t blogged for a wee while, so missing you missing me possibly

Got a scary twinge of the dark side of the internet after being a guest on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side on Monday.

Got carried away by the celebration sweeties in the Green Room and aligned myself needlessly for and against various celebrities I had never met before or heard of and I started to ‘Over Connect’ as opposed to EM Forster who ‘Only Connects’ ( Howard’s End before you ask, but you knew that ). Got my knuckles rapped from said celebrities’ loved ones on facebook and twitter and found myself feeling rather sick and vexed. I hate upsets. That’ll learn me.

Mind you Julian Clary spoke out against republicanism which may have been a departure for the CBB viewers.

For those not on a diet , and who haven’t given up drink in order to loose the weight for a job not vanity (I lie) and who therefore are not watching Celebrity Big Bro in their pj’s at 9, 10 and 11 respectively - it may be diverting to learn that I went to Jonathan Harvey’s book launch as well.

I was also invited which made the entrance less stressful. The shabby chic pub (velvet and peeled paint) was positively teeming with talented, good looking literati so had to immediately request vodka being too much of a suburban to ask for an absinth and a quill. Jonathan’s tweet on the night: “It’s my book launch tonight and I’m a bit over excited. I may actually piss myself” will whet your appetite. I can’t wait to get stuck in.

Did a few Sky News reviews since I last saw you. This time no one said my hair was like a dog’s dinner on that forum I accidentally came upon. Bloody right they didn't  - I had it tongued and sea salt sprayed as a precaution. Finally topical news not about me : Jeremy Hunt is a lucky ...