Monday, 9 April 2012

Several outings serviced by the same black jacket

Here’s me with ‘newspaper story selection’ envy – checking out which story lovely Stuart Miles was putting across in a light but informed manner as befits appearing as a guest on Sunrise on Sky at the weekend with gorgeous Stephen Dixon.

Everyone was so relaxed you’d think I hadn’t just been woken up at 4.25 am to be reassured by the car firm that a car would indeed be collecting me at 6 am –that’s in ONE AND A HALF HOURS TIME - leaving me with one and a half hours to process this very advanced car arrival information.

My FAVE story was the one where the female producer of Miriam O'Reilly (the woman who allegedly took The BBC to court over the delicate subject of roots and other words not a million miles from botox)... wrote a two page spread with a differing view. I love using the word ‘complexities’ for this kind of debate.

And here’s that black jacket coming out again at The CHORTLE Comedy Awards.

This time the jacket is teamed with a vest including a loose thread – this same ensemble has accompanied me to 3 award jobs in the same week – it's only until I loose the weight –(after Easter and very possibly some of the summer ) then I can morph into the 'stripey with lacey' Stella McCartney over the 'vest under jacket under blouse' ensemble. I gave an award to ‘best club comic’. He wasn’t there. A nice man claimed it. I kissed him. Hattie Hayridge danced round her handbag until her ankle broke. Annoying. More for her than me. Have offered to rally with some groceries but her cupboard is stocked, I’m told.

Another outing for the black jacket at a Water Aid event at the Festival Hall with JP Morgan people who had raised money. My job was to make the odd joke (not too odd, they were bankers) but a heavenly evening. The prize for the fittest employee was a decanter shaped like a pair of buttocks. Joy. I felt both parties.