Friday, 5 April 2013

Slightly heightened time so must share.

Writing the new WTF? show and asking followers to contribute their view as to what is the point of life - so I can reflect a true barometer of passion. Followers have been generous with revelations about what is meaningful - so far the majority have cited their children and husband so while I try not to look too surprised at this laudable display of meaning, I’m keeping back my own passion – cushions - for the show.  Sorry so very sorry.

Scoured the TV version of Comic Relief does the Great British Banquet and for a nano second caught this smiley chubbed-up face on camera – eating and not talking with mouth full which was perhaps
for the best

In a fleeting pic at the Comic Relief Great British Banquet

And now to the most exciting reveal: MY SWIM WEAR RANGE (I KNOW!)  For those who wish to hide the tum tum and nether area with lace trim and discreet netting I AM YOUR WOMAN

Here is an exciting preview –I actually felt the burn when my silver, and lace and ELASTIC all came together in one glorious hugga-body-cossie You saw it here - from a woman who truly knows what it’s like to have a camera up her Jacksie on a diving board. I said to the camera man, ‘I don’t want any beaver shot!”  He replied, ‘None will be.’