Monday, 6 May 2013

No turning back

The new try out show is nigh

It’s going to happen this Thursday. A few windows of public display behaviour have been afforded: here I am nursing my home-made cushion in the “Sunday Express afternoon trivia” section.  I decided to come out about the cushion sublimating interest - which fortunately is very apposite to the show – since WTF  tries to nail what is meaningful. Excited? (There will be a joke at the top of the show as well)   

Great excitement at Channel 4’s ‘What’s Cooking?’ on Friday.    

Deep  gossip in Green Room with hot actor Sean Maguire – the more you talk to him the more you realise he’s done amazing stuff only he doesn’t say it in the first few secs.  Just about managed to hold back giving him my card and asking him to do a  swapsie with his agent's details in LA. (But only just) Emma Kennedy is a heroine - clever funny with a nice skirt – while being tasked with creating an emergency meal in ten minutes (as oft happens.) Her emergency sandwich got my maximum vote, which I’m pleased to report pushed her to the top of the leader board. Top Gear with garlic.

whatscookingtv What's Cooking? 3 May

It’s been confirmed Mark Lawson is my First Guest on Thursday 9th  - Omyword. I have bought a proud blue plastic clipboard out of respect. Gravitas is needed with such an intellect.

Didn’t manage to loose the two stone I’d planned for the first stage appearance due to a sudden sandwich surge during rehearsals – so will not be sporting the Joan Rivers diamante comedy silhouette. (Keeping it real)   DB COHEN are my new house band (not husband) yet. Top sound 

See you on Thurs 9th or if you have something on that night - there’s June 6th