Sunday, 9 June 2013

Am turning into a slight politico journo groupie: slight shame I wore the wrong bra but there’s so much to think about - under wiring bust dressage is the last thing to get right on the day of a gig. This pic would not look out of place in The National Portrait Gallery – and I have told them this.

Michael Crick and Mark Lawson smiling lightly
Here I am with M and M looking a touch like Jenni Murray in blonde wig – but oh how I enjoyed. 

My band became like my sons (only more attractive) and my guests became projections of all the bright clever males I’ve ever wanted to do stuff with. The words in the song of the great Victoria  Wood weirdly came into my head as we were discussing creationism  ‘bend me over backwards with the hostess trolley’

I don’t think anyone else is doing this kind of work? – If there is a gap in the market my girth is more than ample to fill it

Writer will be away for a few days not drinking or eating white bread due to shocking over reveal of some of the show photos - not included here