Tuesday, 18 June 2013

You had to be there

Bought in a flea market. yeah well…
Back from a Parador in Spain.  Paradors are posh, state-run suntraps for slightly older people.  Camped on a day bed which was not overlooked (except by seagulls who reluctantly allowed me to share their communal toilet area) and decided nudey sunbathing with no speaking to be the perfect antidote after mounting the wtf show, which I’m told will now find a place in Edinburgh! Gawd. The last time I took part in The Edinburgh festival I cried. But then, I always cry in Edinburgh, be it from a review or from thrush – it’s a toxic place - aw memory lane….

The Seagull

Just saw a bit of press about my show: I loved my two guests, Michael Crick and Mark Lawson, with a passion and found them to be two charming and dedicated individuals – so I do hope the attendant press coverage didn’t offend them. I am red from embarrassment. Witty and clever people like these make witty and clever conversations, visiting the joke format with repartee, complicit exaggeration, rhetoric, sarcasm, irony and brilliant humility - which is why I was so lucky to have Michael and Mark – any quote taken out of this context is ... Well it's like explaining to your granny that wearing a tee shirt stating ‘shit happens’ isn’t swearing – but some newspapers refuse to attend the same party.

Am choosing to see the off field coverage as a punctuation point about column inches rather than on site reportage (she said rhetorically)



This says it in a far more accurate manner