Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Hush...I'm not supposed to say

My other new best friend Sandra Dickinson who I was paired up with for ‘Celebrity Coach Trip’ just sent me some libido pills from the states – either they’re not working or one is not enough …(felt like I was a slipping down a Viagra) give it time – must remember to take them regularly along with the ones for joints (bones not hashish kind) ginseng for the brain and the ones for hair skin and nails – pointless really since I have to have acrylics – am a compulsive nail biter – most attractive.

We were sworn to secrecy not to say publicly anything about Michael Barrymore being on ‘Celebrity Coach Trip’ and falling over – until it transmits in the autumn but it seems everyone knows he did that – he’s the Ryan Giggs of Channel Four…