Monday, 4 April 2011

Casualty Cameo

Have just watched The One Show. Made to feel outcast and loser while ironing pillowcases to take my mind off a script for three weeks time. How am I going to learn it in that time? It took me three days to learn three teeny sections of dialogue for Horrid Henry and that was with so-called assistance of a slow and annoyingly quiet helper (male).

The reason for my sense of alienation? Caroline Quentin not only stars in some fresh comedy with an actress who naturally is also brilliant -as she tells us - but she’s doing a house program too. She does houses up for fun…

I can’t even put up a shelf. I’m finished! Let’s hope I’m the cause of someone else’s alienation. Should I ask agent to look out for panto? Don’t think she does panto. Will ask tomorrow while reminder her in passing to send out a memo alert that I’m in Casualty this Saturday.