Thursday, 21 April 2011

Meet the Writers

Went to a ‘meet the writer’ event at the St Stephens Club. I was the one without a book currently in print so I took along my two old ones reclaimed from Amazon – to put on my display table…

I asked for peanuts... a bold step but one to establish status and position. Then my hosting OCDC took over… I started introducing people. I can’t bear a room full of folk at the beginning of an evening where bonhomie has not been established. I could be hired commercially for that first breaking the ice moment.

I went round and befriended the other writers. A man who had written a book about lions, an Indian who had found his spiritual backbone behind commerce and had written a self-helper (mm) and my new best friend Paul Burston who’d written the ‘gay divorcée’ which is apparently Jane Austin but male – must read.