Thursday, 1 December 2011

Horrid Henry - The Movie - out today on dvd

Get the dvd if you dare

It wasn’t quite the normal première… certainly boasted a  red carpet with a generous clutch of paparazzi – but once we were inside – darling where was the fizz?

I had to ask – ‘Where is the fizz?’

A harassed PR lady from Freud’s saw the urgency and ushered me to the drink table – bottles of fizz (fizzy pop that is) and mountains of pop corn.

I dived in and sipped of my junior fizz –before watching the film of Horrid Henry  - which is now on DVD! A great Xmas gift for discerning young people – I play Rich Aunt Ruby – even greater gifts for those who like beehive hair do’s and very pink clothes.

Stars appear every second as the story unfurls and there’s only one correction to the title - Henry is not horrid – he’s adorable …

Here we are at the première...