Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Star studded week – watch the vodka

The first excitement was going to open Stella McCartney’s shop

Actually I didn’t have to open it – the shop was already open – but Jennifer Saunders switched on the lights in a very witty way

big and bold expression trying to make up for dressing down

Huge Corinthian columns of vodka floated by – I made it my job to capture them lest they escape and get into the wrong hands like Richard E Grant for one –who I forced to acknowledge me.  Poor man: there was a lot of acknowledging –and it can be overwhelming unless you’re someone like me, who is quite persistent.

Paul McCartney (member of The Beatles and father of shop owner ) came over to me – yes he came over - with lovely new wife and remembered a gag I’d told once about Tippex on the sheet - I can’t remember, can you? Must have been on Naked Video

We then explained the Tippex and the sex and the sheet bits (quite a few times) to the lovely American wife who was extremely kind. I also love Stella’s bags (faux leather with zip bits on)

Next stop BAFTA for screening of AB FAB

By now I cannot stand up or focus on speech - due to the Corinthian vodka quantity consumed - our mission was to arrive early and drink the place dry which we more than accomplished. Pity I didn’t get a cab into my bedroom then and there and cut out on a high.
looking quizical at camera while waiting for a refill

I get to Bafta. More free glasses of alcohol. I say something to a star. I can’t quite remember what - but I get roundly told off. I cry (nearly) but the episodes of AB FAB are excellent (which I manage to view through my hurt tears)

Next day a lunch party – ‘what’s on stage awards’
I arrive subdued and quiet. I bump into Ruby Wax. She asks me what I’m doing there. I reply ‘not having vodka’ – but I do get invited over to a booth with my pal Kimberley Walsh who I adore-
Photo:JAB Promotions
– Kimberley to win – we did ‘Horrid Henry’ and she is rum. Mercifully no tears on this occasion.