Friday, 20 January 2012

Goings On

Omigod dear reader – recorded an episode of BBC TV ‘Pointless’ – with Russell Grant who sported a glittery matching eye shadow and tie set. I got two answers right which lulled me into complacency – I came down to earth soon though when I faced the audience of my after dinner speech that same night. At least three of the celebrities in the audience were the very same ones who I make gentle ironic use of in my wry and surreal attempt to be hilarious. Panicked. Borrowed a biro to substitute other celebrity names who were not there to defend themselves before I stepped up to the plinth –  to be hilarious. Note to self ‘get new jokes’. Anyone’s.

But hey, got a gig this Sunday – for charity – will be able to swear at that one so looking forward already. I’ve been put on very early. Is this good? Should I care?

Next Wednesday I do my launch of the 2012 Quick Reads / Stori Sydyn series at the Senedd (POSH ARTY NEW GOVERNMENT BUIDING) in Cardiff Bay. Joining me will be Paralympian, Dave Roberts, and Cardiff City footballer, Robert Earnshaw and some sausage rolls, I hope. But back to me me me - my contribution to the Quick Reads series is my book called ‘Finger Food’, a comedy of ambitions, dreams, blackmail and daytime TV. Where DO I get my ideas from?

The cover of my new book 

Me in my comfort zone

And now for more hot Welsh news...

I'M GOING TO BE in Waterstones Cardiff from 2 - 3pm to have some fun with anyone who cares to drop in. Looking forward to and will answer any questions about Day Time TV (and other subjects to do with hair dye, botox and politics). I'll be signing copies of 'Finger Food'. Coming? It’s that or the pub. And more crisps.

You can follow the action on Twitter :  @wstonecardiff and  @storisydyn2012

That's 2-3pm on Wednesday 25th January at Waterstones Cardiff,
2a The Hayes, Cardiff, CF101WB

And THEN...I'll be on the BBC Radio Wales' Roy Noble Show from around 3.25pm.

Listen to BBC Radio Wales in this fashion.
FM: 93-96 & 104 FM 
Medium wave on 882 & 657 AM
Sky - channel 0117
Freesat - channel 714
Freeview - channel 719
Virgin Media - channel 931

So no excuses really – unless you’re in the cinema or have gone swimming.