Monday, 23 January 2012

A Bit on the Side

omiword...The Big Brother Bit on the Side is the best bit
me acting Nan to my glamour grandchildren, Lisa and Jessica Jane

BBBOS boasts the only green room where bowls of chewy sweets are replenished as soon as one bowl disappears. Service! No matter the caramel gums the teeth up – loving the gratis toffee adrenalin kick back.

In danger of getting obsessed with the celebs – luckily all the little details I have noticed on Big Brother watching 24/7 are picked up on BBBOS – e.g Gareth eating with mouth open bless (a small weakness to offset his perfection) also Natalie’s extreme wiping of surfaces behaviour (sadly now departed) brings out the wry laughter in me.

Just as death comes to us all – so too will the inevitable departure of all housemates –this should unify them but it seems to be getting them twitchy.

Maybe they should be carried out in wicker ware humanist baskets to cut down on humiliation and regrets? (I will suggest this)

BOOK SIGNING - Wednesday, 25th Jan, 2-3pm at Waterstones, The Hayes, Cardiff.
Am more than a little concerned re book signing of FINGER FOOD. What if there isn’t a queue of keen fans around Cardiff high street ? My famous welsh actress friend Melanie Walters can’t make it .. so that just leaves er me.. And me books.

Still, I’ll be getting some nice sausage rolls at the Senedd – and maybe a welsh cake at Waterstones if not – I’ll bring me own.

Diolch in advance