Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Rich, varied and tragic

To be invited to comment about the individuals who have volunteered themselves to be encased in a televised Orwellian construct is surely too good an opportunity to pass up? I enjoy taking part in the earnest validation of this pop-up community – as we ponder over who said what to whom and also if they are 'playing a game'. I put it to you that they are.

Peeking in on 'camera run' in 'the house' as it's called

An unexpected thrill came last week when I was invited to peer into the studio and comment on live action. Sadly I couldn’t spot any. Only a dead cat which turned out to be a grey sodden towel lying inert.

I learned of the untimely death of Mel Smith – when a BBC news chap called me up and asked me to comment. I wasn’t a close friend but I was a true fan and swung into action to offer my thoughts on 80 and 90s comedy. I auditioned for Mel once but decided that wasn’t in the public interest (I didn’t get it)

I was then invited to give my thoughts on LBC. Also BBC Breakfast TV news where you have to put an ear piece in and look thoroughly composed when it's your turn.  And then to Radio Five live. Tragically I left my phone at home and was in the pub when I realised I was supposed to be doing the interview. I’m sorry Mel. But I know you understand and RIP

So here’s to laughing...

Tributes to Mel Smith from BBC News