Friday, 30 September 2011

Ab fab and bits on the side

Completed my AB FAB episode – am now besties with Lulu I do hope – LOVE her hair. Would have asked for the name of her hair dye if I’d thought, but was too busy remembering my lines. How does she do it? I must copy

Kirsty Walk playing herself – (not with) which is a feat in itself –listen if I could play myself I’d be the success I’d always wanted to be –but shyness always kicks in dam it.

Now then – A BIG segue into youth culture. I was invited on to Big Brother’s Bit On The Side – I got to sit between two much younger women with shiny beige corrective shoes and competing false eyelashes (both were very generous – the eyelashes) I felt like I was their Nan. I sensed they did too.

As I was required to comment on the latest ‘goings on’ in the house (studio) I made it my business to watch avidly the proper BIG BROTHER for authenticity (in between rehearsing as a lesbian fortune teller in ‘Killing of Sister George’) . Trouble was I called the STORE CUPBOARD – THE FRIDGE! I know! Everyone stared at me as if I’d said ‘plop’ (someone had mentioned fisting earlier so I felt I was safe). Then clever Emma Willis deciphered I was referring to the "store room" where I’d noticed a heinous crime occurring between the now ejected Rebekka (spelt with quite a few K’s) who had whistle blown on those Ferrals who ate biscuits: HOW DARE THEY? I loved it – am going back

• My birthday – I fell twice. Man on drugs made a play – yes I can still pull – (if people have taken artificial stimulants )

This man was not  the man on drugs but he was wearing a  hat. Name of Paul Burston ( writer)

A week to go before we DO IT. Am so scared I can hardly type.
Meera Syal , Belinda Lang, Lilly Cadwallader are all proper good actresses
Does anyone know it’s on? It’s that nice pretty red seated little theatre in Newport Street which I count as WEST END. YOU COMING?