Friday, 16 September 2011

All of this is true

Was asked by TIME OUT to cite my top film – the moment you’ve pick one – you think of loads more don’t you like ‘the wicker man’ with Edward Woodward –or ‘straw dogs’ if one is sticking with the hay theme

Omigod this week! two new jobs back to back –very exhausting trying to make new people like you – made one relaxed joke today about men and sperm that got a laugh – so maybe I’ve turned the corner

The ABFAB rehearsing week has been colourful... Baby Spice arrives – I luvs her I hold her hand for a long time – Lulu arrives –teeny, white trousers and gorgeous hair –amazingly calm and cheery for someone whose on that dancy dancy show as well - Lindsay Duncan amazing actress- and soooo normal so I start rabbiting on about clothes- and my gorgeous Jane Horrocks ( genius) who makes me talk about fabrics - And this is in the first ten minutes… don’t know if I’m coming or going

I’m going –cos I have to moonlight over to rehearse with more scarily good actresses for Killing of Sister George at The Arts Theatre – where we share the varying agendas of sexuality,  politics and minority groups….much coffee

Then a book launch - Isabel Wolff’s new book ( Bought one. Free champagne and even more brainy people ..oh nooooo. Got drunk this time. A bright young woman asked to be taken away from me by her mother. I don’t blame her.

Time Out Article:
Killing of Sister George:5th to 29th October Box Office 0207 907 7092 Open Mon-Sun 9am to 8pm (excluding public holidays)