Wednesday, 19 October 2011

I bagsied the window seat - besty sulking!

I'm on celebrity coach trip just for this week. Omgd – I do a double act with new besty SANDRA DICKINSON. Have not seen any of it yet cos don't know how to set the vhs – but mostly I'm quite scared to see full on reality TV with possible mouth open shots of me eating and generally looking perplexed at other people.

Am not good on reality shows- I'm too open... (And I don’t mean that in rude way) just incompetence when it comes to doing strategies for voting off. I usually tell the person I’m going to vote them off first to be helpful. They are not always nice after that .

No it's not me talking to accountant, it's me acting...
Still performing in the play The Killing of Sister George.

I saw a small mouse scuttling away down the corridor.  I didn’t scream - just to be perverse - but told the rest of the cast about the sighting , adding that it was lucky to see a mouse on the tenth performance - theatre is steeped in tradition so got away with it.

Drinking four glasses of house white every night now – don’t know which house but it’s a pretty big one –a positive mansion of alcoholic units and calorific layers on the trunk.

Please come to play...Not begging but it finishes 29th October. I’ll be in the bar -