Friday, 28 October 2011

Error, Error

With Meera Syal in The Killing of Sister George. Photo:Donald Cooper

Whoops got asked to share my mistakes – where to start?
My most recent one apart from the superbly penned article above was last night.

I had been invited by Tim McArthur to go to the Jermyn Street Theatre where he is a nun to be interviewed and - I assume - manage to appear coherent in an engaging manner.

This would be after I finished the second show at The Arts Theatre (matinees on thur) – instead I downed some tumblers (four) of The Arts Theatre's house white with some other kind looking faces (also holding tumblers) and got wasted... Managed to text an apology to Tim – looked at the sent text today and it was just a jumble of letters - no words… am not proud of my irresponsible behaviour but I accept we all make mistakes and I’m moving on.  Just hope he is …

Here is a pic of me I call ‘Naked with bra straps, a duvet and pants’ taken by a very famous man Andrea Vecchiato. All for good cause - a charity calendar.

Off to film in Wales next week. The requirements are walking boots and a rainproof... am a little alarmed. Will have to borrow some ‘glamping Glastonbury poncho wear’ now