Thursday, 30 June 2011

Alarm Bells

You find me slightly downcast.

I said yes to doing an evening with … SHOW in Edinburgh where people can CHOOSE to come and see me. Or not. This means I must say something for at least an hour. I must also write, practice and learn it.

Tweeted a comedy GIANT, Richard Herring, who has been doing more try out gigs than hot baths – he is a swot.  I on the other hand am not. Could be the new hoodia pills I’ve been taking because no one will give me any thyroid pills. Makes me drive over humps aggressively and say Oh God when people elect to cross the road when I’m waiting in my car to do the same.

Before I worry about Bums on seats i.e. will they be facing the right way - I must go to Wales do a reality show. Seven days of sleeping with other people and sharing latrines. Jealous?

Went into Fenwick’s to buy some pyjamas – no purchase made – either figure hugging with rouched sleeves or massive Hessian stripes. Will have to fashion an old nightshirt with under leggings.

Helen is appearing in at the Edinburgh Festival 21st Aug at 9.45pm‘An Evening with Helen Lederer’ SpaceCabaret @ 54 (V54) - Carlton Hotel, Northbridge Tickets £15 & £12 (concessions) Box Office 08455576309