Monday, 4 July 2011

Edinburgh Concerns

So at least if no turns up to my show  I have now been invited to turn up to two other people's shows to talk about my show as if I’ve only just remembered that I’m doing one while I’m up there.

So far I have been invited to Chat Masala with Hardeep Singh Kohli - Gilded Balloon Teviot, Friday 19 Aug 2pm (for your diary in case you are coming) and Scott Capuro on Sunday 21st Aug – same day as mine –so mustn’t get confused. Don’t know venue.

I will be giving, engaging and generous on these shows – but remain ruthless, blunt and cross on mine – apparently self effacing humour is so over for the older lady. Expect some violence.

This is what it says in the programme...

"UK comedy TV favourite, Helen Lederer returns to Edinburgh, the scene of many tears and much sex (in the 80s) with her show “An Evening with Helen Lederer”. The title does not lie.

"Helen is proud to offer an intimate reveal of life as a K list celebrity. She will start the evening with a joke. After that there will be no further gags, but there will be gin. She may share anecdotes about her charity appearances ('auditions' as her agent prefers to call them), she may chat about her recent appearance on ‘Celebrity DIY’ where Craig Philips gamely offered to 'fill her crack' – but there will be no innuendo. Questions about what it feels like to be comedy's supply-teacher may be rejected in favour of ones about hairdressers"

And this is where you can book –
‘An Evening with Helen Lederer’ 21st Aug, SpaceCabaret@54(Venue54)-Box Office 08455576309

In the words of Bob Geldof  ‘Pick up the phone!’ So I can say ‘Sorry, sold out’ to nasty people who will also be attending the festival.