Friday, 19 August 2011

Queueing in Boots

As am now in Edinburgh it is to be expected when queuing in Boots for a surrogate boho chic sandy swept sea spray for my hair (having left precious item at home) to find the customer behind me wearing full clown make up and a hessian sack. Would have been amazed if the shops were full of shoppers.

Just done Hardeep Singh's show –he had very musty cold and had forgotten his shoes. I suggested he went on in socks –but he was not understandably going to listen to a bright and keen person fresh off the train while he's been slogging his curry skills for two weeks. Couldn’t work out how he'd got to the gig without shoes since he appeared to be wearing socks but hey –me and my London nit picking –anyway the man who was chopping the onions and chillies mercifully also boasted a size 10 and surrendered his red trainers which went rather fetchingly with the tartan kilt.

In other news...

No flyers of my show –haven't sold out yet and it’s only on for ONE NIGHT. bracing myself for humiliation.

Saw Lorraine Chase bending over table in the pizza express –couldn’t hear what she was saying to the diners but I think the central point was to come to her show.

That will be me tomorrow. Best eat first.

Oh... and before I go... in case you haven't got it worked out already: here's the link to buy tickets: