Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Did another guest spot on Scott Capurro's show. It's getting addictive. If only I could be a guest all my life - venue a bit like a church hall. Expecting trestle tables with harvest fayre. But no - a pocket size audience with a couple of ladies from Finland and two from Dulwich.

Scott and David very ironic. I was in the middle being their feed. Scott said my boots looked "corrective" - good gag. Will steal.

Then it's time for my show... I'd like to say I stormed it. I'd be lying. But one older gentleman on the front row gave me lots of love. He may have been plugged into the football - but I'll give him the benefit.

Embarrassingly I went on too long then I heard lots of rustling like hamsters so I looked at the commotion. Had to put on my glasses so I could read the card held up by a more than frazzled producer. What did it say?

"Wind up now"