Monday, 15 August 2011

This and That

Time is closing in –what if no one one comes to my show …? Have used memory and hypnotist to nail the lines – the key is association -  I am imagining a journey through my garden so when I'm sitting on my garden bench I’m really doing hilarious comedy about my divorce – and when I’m at my tomato plant I’m really doing my routine about a tantric couples' workshop in Finchley. Yes, it all makes sense.

Broadcasting House BBC Radio 4

Early start with delectable Paddy Campbell –the brain box man who chairs it- he claims to also host a programme for the BBC world news about Guatemalan angling – but I don’t quite believe him.
Reviewing the papers comedian Helen Lederer, author of The Junior Officers
 Reading Club Patrick Hennessy and Sky News reporter Mark Stone

We three reviewers were given a pile of newspapers each, a pair of scissors and a spanking new file pad . These were not gifts. No. We were to choose 5 stories each, cut them out, write down the name and page number of the paper and then take away the number we first thought of – No I mean we were to conjure an interesting and original take on said item – I was exhausted and it was only 7.45am.

Patrick Hennessy and Mark Stone were both clever and brave people as well as heroes having been on the front line in urban and foreign wars - but also gallant. I bagsied the story about male pants – interestingly Mark Stone quite wanted that one too. Some things just find their own home though …

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