Thursday, 11 August 2011

Comedy Connections

Well who’d have thought it - came upon this missive where the great Ronnie Corbett reveals how he first saw the also great Miranda ‘assisting me!’ in Edinburgh. I like this turn of phrase – perhaps one day I may be of service back –am good with carrying, fetching, wiping surfaces and small acting parts.

If memory serves I was doing a play with live food on stage – (truth be told can remember as if yesterday – and the reviews) one of those where the idea was better than the execution – but a great opportunity to get drunk in various windows of opportunities in Edinburgh.

Naturally I’m not one to trawl through the internet in search of my name (that often) – however google does have it that I am ‘the supply teacher of comedy’ – which I think is a plus.

Not only am I doing hypnosis –I’m now seeing memory man –to lock the lines down for Edinburgh that I have never done before - is this wise? – perhaps I should do what the young call ‘riffing’ and not lock it down …just a bit of pressing quite hard?

Here's the link to book tickets:

Oven man not come back with new part yet - bereft -it's microwave city here.