Tuesday, 5 July 2011

at last ! THE EMBARGO IS OVER - am prepping to be dropped into the Fforest Camp in Cilgerran in Pembrokeshire. (This is in Wales.) I may opt for driving there to be honest, in normal clothes - but it's still jungle meets … err ....?

Wales S4C are FILMING my every move - so must check which jeans I pack. i.e. over Tee shirts -no bum reveal.

It's like  ' Celebrity Big Brother' - with lessons . 4 hours studying of Welsh per day- using "an innovative language learning technique" possibly involving some kind of coercion - like being denied wine? - lets hope I don’t lark about or get my usual attention deficit.

But the very good news is you can watch me and other marvelous folk on: Sky: channel 134 or Freesat: channel 120 from Friday 8th July 20.25,  then EVERY NIGHT Saturday 9th -15th July REVEALING ALL which may (or not) be a thing of great beauty. Don’t forget to series link it
and -for total geek dexterity I’m going tweet - follow Twitter @HelenLederer  or join the select personnel on my  Facebook Page and blog. My highly trained team of techno carers and social workers   will enable this miracle. (big Pleeease to them).

And the OTHER CLEBS? I know!!! for sheer and understandable excitement see this link http://www.s4c.co.uk/cariadatiaith/e_index.shtml
This is me practising being 'in the zone' with Welsh writer Paul Burston