Friday, 8 July 2011

Imminent Departure

Oh, Oh. I forgot I meant to loose a stone before I join the Celebs in Wales to do the thing - in our individual tepees.

May be too late – am leaving in few hours and have just had a vegetarian Samosa in the Iceland car park without paying (the car park – you can get away with it).

Stress means I might have upset some kind professionals who are trying to help me – so at least that’s not a worry but a symptom of stress.

Saw Dick and Dom on Breakfast TV publishing themselves in Horrid Henry the film – bless
I’m in it too but play RICH AUNT RUBY which might be of interest – although Rupert Murdoch and the red head are burying my good news today – fair enough

Have got excessive new wardrobe of glamping country casuals strewn across the floor for packing in bag.

I love it here will I love it there? Only if I take wet wipes.

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