Wednesday, 6 July 2011


You know that thing where stress can inhibit your decision making abilities or rather ability to say NO? Well today I said ‘yes’ to a very nice team to film me 'regressing' –Since I already do that without being filmed - you’d think it would be pretty seamless wouldn’t you?

I was all set to explore who I might have been before I was me, but got so stressed that I wouldn’t be put in a trance and that my jeans are still the wrong height for reality TV and that I might look stupid (crazy or what) that I got 'Blocked'.

I tried. I got half way on my journey into the unconscious where I met a man in olden times who most probably could have been me – when I heard the cameraman rustle. I had got as far as visualising his shoes - then I heard the rustle and I started worrying about my Edinburgh show then worried if I should hand my nominal fee back for not being regressed sufficiently (I did. It was gracefully accepted.)

So basically whoever I was before – we’ll never know - but it may have been a man with grubby boots – or did I just see them in ALL SAINTS where all the boots looks if they have been muddied?

Thanks for listening off to book launch tonight- Daunt Books which I always want to call Gaunt books. I will be charming.