Monday, 25 July 2011

Yesterday's Film Première of Horrid Henry

Got dressed early (after tussling with my Edinburgh show writing which requires nightwear and anxiety) to attend the première at the BFI of Rich Aunt Ruby woops I mean the film Horrid Henry where I play Rich Aunt Ruby.

Used next door restaurant to have a pee first so I could concentrate on making splash on site without having to break off.

The lace bootees killed me as soon as I zipped them up in the bedroom – so feet throbbing by time I teetered onto red carpet... thankfully some attention was shown but I timed it wrong as stepped into the flashes of press at SAME TIME as the director – OH NO upstaging BY MISTAKE.

Not sure if I was supposed to be there at all in fact –but I greeted my public who were yelling at anyone in high heels to sign the poster.

Then the cast were asked to take a bow on stage but not me or the fine actres Siobhan Hayes who plays Henry's MOTHER who was also there but we took it on the chin. She did anyway.

My part was what we call in the business un petit demi cameo and I am most grateful.

The film is tops.

There is what Rebecca Front called a ‘press junket’ today – to which she is and I’m not invited - I’m pleased for her though -  No I am …