Monday, 4 July 2011

celebrity cariad@iaith:love4language

The cat's out of the bag and I can tell you now...

I'm one of eight celebrities going to the Fforest Camp in Cilgerran in Pembrokeshire, Wales for an intensive week of learning Welsh under the ever watchful cameras of S4C. I have to study four hours of Welsh per day using "an innovative language learning technique called 'TPR storytelling', a method developed in the USA which uses physical activities with the initial emphasis on developing understanding." -  ahhh! sounds exhausting.

You can watch me on:
Sky: channel 134 or Freesat: channel 120

The series starts with an introduction on Friday 8th July at 20.25. and then it's on nightly from Saturday 9th, I think, - showing an hour long programme of our success (and/or failures). Don’t forget to series link it!

And omg I’m going to try and tweet this!!! You know me... I'm not great at this technology stuff but I'm going to try so follow me on Twitter @HelenLederer  or join the select bunch on my seemingly little known Facebook Page (even I don't know about it - well don't understand it, anyway) and I might even manage a word or two here on my blog (dictated probably).

Want to know who's with me? You can see the before pics on this link

Lordeee knows what the after pics will look like.

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  1. as a fellow learner and these days tutor may i wish you lots of luck. Nia's a brilliant tutor, and i'm sure you'll have 'hwyl' along the way.... omg, Lempit.. pop lwc (good luck)