Thursday, 21 July 2011

Worrying that no one will buy tickets to this – as the space box office doesn’t seem to be opening till 3rd of august omigod - maybe I'm wrong ?

Ed fringe one is manned all the time by friendly Scottish people though
Edinburgh Fringe box office: 0131 2260000

Left my climbing boots in Wales- asked for them to be posted back – as I predict will have huge need of them in Oxford Street (all those pesky paving stones) – apparently they walked  (the boots)  - but my cagoule got sent back which will see me right in Groucho – the next time I pop in to be seen - black rainproof wear is the new Rebekar nee Wade in terms of dumbed down but self aware.

It could be that I’m spending too much time on my own –this is the cause of depression. But who will sit at my desk with me? They must be silent or a genius and don’t know any one who does that.

Recorded some webisodes yesterday of  Be in the Now ( - watch out for the new series though).  Jess Robinson (top actress) asked if I had a cleaner…this made me strangely reluctant.

It’s like asking David Cameron what is appropriate conversation? Eep (have just learnt the word eep)